R2Go Card Kits - SU Style - Occasions

These kits allow you to choose the cards you want. You can make 4 cards in jiffy!
Ideal for someone who enjoys giving handmade cards but is short of time, space, tools, supplies, or inspiration.   

These card kits include supplies to make 4 cards - card, insert, and envelope in standard A2 size for each card. Materials are pre-cut, embossed, stamped and ready to be used. The inserts may have sentiments and will be indicated on each set. The kit generally contains a variety of colors.  I use mostly Stampin Up materials in these kits and each card has a SU! Copyright Stamp on the back.
You only require very basic tools - adhesive, push pin, scissors and maybe an E-xacto knife to complete the cards. What you need is indicated on each kit.
1 kit for $7 or 3 kits for $20 or 5 kits for $33.  Shipping is extra.

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